Influence Marketing Platform

Are you having a hard time to find the right influencers for your campaign? has the solution.

We own a technology focused on the Brazilian market. We use artificial intelligence to locate, measure and manage digital influencers. To do this, we rely on our team of robots. They do the hard work for you! 

Our robots monitor influencers from around the world every day, analyzing audience data, interpreting content, monitoring results and evaluating the performance of their campaigns. In addition, we have a team of influence marketing experts always teaching them more.

In the environment, we have four main pillars: Platform - Search

Search Platform - Analysis

Analysis Platform - Management

Management Platform - Statistics


Plataforma - Pesquisa


In our base of influencers, we have a complete search system in which creators can be segmented by age group, gender, location, language, reach, interests and brands they admire. We can also measure the audience’s profile by variables such as age, gender, and language.

Our robots also “scan” the internet, indexing new influencers on social networks.


  • Plataforma - Filtros - Influenciador
  • Plataforma - Filtros - Conteúdo
  • Plataforma - Filtros - Audiência

Plataforma - Pesquisa

Plataforma - Pesquisa


Each influencer has a card with complete metrics that provide an overview of their numbers and their behavior. There, you will find data such as total reach, resonance, biography, age group and gender of the followers, as well as the creator’s most common subjects, brands and places. You can also find in this card an integrated timeline of the influencer’s latest posts. Platform - Management


  • Plataforma - Filtros - Faixa Etária
    Age Group
  • Plataforma - Filtros - Genêro
  • Plataforma - Filtros - Idioma

Plataforma - Gestão

Management has an area for campaigns where you can create actions to nurture the relationship with the influencers, and check their engagement with the action through activation steps, ranging from the selection to the publication of the content.

IRS (Automatic Relationship Score) – The Influencer Relationship Score is the scoring system of the influencer according to the activities carried out. The system categorizes each influencer according to the stage of the relationship with the brand, from an influencer acquainted up to the time when the influence becomes a brand promoter.

Campaign Management

  • Plataforma - Contratos Online
    Online Agreements
  • Plataforma - Agende Atividades
    Schedule Activities
  • Plataforma - Alerta de Postagem
    Post Alert Platform - Management

Plataforma - Gestão


To understand the impact generated by your campaigns, we offer a real-time monitoring system with searches by hashtags, in which a dashboard is subsequently created for a better view. This feature makes it possible to know exactly who is talking about the action (and in what way), besides promoting the management of the influencer’s posts.

Exclusive Statistics -

  • Plataforma - Monitoramento de Postagens
    Monitors Posts
    We automatically monitor stories of your activations, saving the entire content.
  • Plataforma - Painel de Gestão
    Management Dashboard
    You can generate a report on the influencer’s metrics and content at any time.

Strategic Consulting

Follow the results of your campaign in real-time through a dashboard that makes it possible to know the exact impact by monitoring hashtags and mentions to the profile, saving posts and stories, and providing the engagement percentage and the number of interactions.

Using the Tool + Client’s Briefing

A step-by-step tutorial on the platform’s features, followed by garnering key information from the client for planning purposes.

Strategy and Custom Planning Concepts

We present the concepts of Influence Marketing and the key elements for a good plan. All of this customized to the briefing obtained in the previous phase.

Operation and Relationship with Influencers

Using the steps of an operation with content creators, such as screening and double-check, followed by building approaches in a customized way.

Establishing KPIs

Appointing the key metrics to be measured in the campaign, presenting methods to measure these indicators.

Action Plans and Schedule

Designing the scope of the next action, as well as the schedule to be followed.

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