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You don’t have a team to use our technology? We can help you with this!

Besides our platform – which streamlines all the work for campaigns with influencers – we offer an all-in-one bundle with one of our experts, where he/she will be entirely responsible for your influence marketing campaign. 

We structure the strategic plan, select and recruit the influencers, monitor the posts and deliver the results measured. You tell us what you need, and we do it for you.

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What do you need to Know:

Have you seen companies that carried out actions with digital influencers and had great results? Have you also seen companies that, despite investing large sums, were not happy at all with the results? The difference between a successful case and a failed case is based on three factors:


Thinking about how to get the right message across, in the most organic and engaging way possible.


Understanding the goals of the brand and establishing dynamics and creators in line with the KPIs.


Tending to the relationship with the action’s personalities, from the first contact until the posts.

Knowing how to efficiently activate the above elements requires a multidisciplinary knowledge that, in general, some brands underestimate. Some of them “outsource” the job to people with little or no experience, who try to carry out the actions by themselves, generating frustration and wasting resources.

With that in mind, we at developed solutions in which the client does not have to worry about anything else. Our work is done from end-to-end, creating campaigns focused on the growth of brands and products, using today’s most powerful weapon: Influence Marketing.

How it Works

Client Service

After filling out our form, you will chat with one of our experts, who will understand your needs.


Thinking about your campaign, we built a personalized strategy focused on delivering the desired ROI.


After your “ok”, we hit the ground running, selecting the most strategic influencers for your campaign.


After selecting and approving the most appropriate influencers for the action, we “educate” them on the brand and the product, so that the content is created organically.


We make all previous processes feasible, managing and approving posts, besides collecting Analytics.


Report with the consolidated data, when we make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the numbers, concluding if the campaign reached the goal set or not.

Discover Operation now:

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