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We have revolutionized the market and developed a technological solution that helps to find the right influencer and managing influence marketing campaigns.


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Do you want to leverage your strategies using campaigns with digital influencers? Besides providing the influencer platform, we at also offer a all-in-one management of the entire operation, from result-oriented planning and measurement. We use the most effective tools in Influence Marketing.

Are you having a hard time to find the right influencers for your campaign and to measure the results? has the solution. We have a proprietary technology based on Artificial Intelligence and we have developed a unique method to ensure the success of your campaign, from seeking influencers to measuring results and delivering reports on the consolidated results.

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We at Grupo Comunique-se are national leaders in tech solutions that promote brands, products, and services. For nearly two decades, we have scaled marketing and communication processes, helping area professionals reach better results. We connect companies to their strategic audiences within four verticals: Influence Marketing, Corporate Communication, Corporate TV and Investor Relations.


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